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vgui_screen is a point entity available in all Source Source games.

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class hierarchy
CVGuiScreen defined in vguiscreen.cpp

It is a VGUI screen. Useful for in-world monitors.

AltNames.pngAltNames: This entity is also tied to vgui_screen_team.
Warning.pngWarning:This entity does not work in HL2, HL2:DM, or the unedited SDK code; it crashes the game. See VGUI Screen Creation.



Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Panel Name (panelname) <string>
Name of the panel to use. This is not a filename.
Overlay Material (overlaymaterial) <string>
Name of a material to overlay over the top of the VGUI screen.
Note.pngNote:This material must write Z for the VGUI screen to work.
Panel Width in World (width) <integer>
Width of the panel in units.
Panel Height in World (height) <integer>
Height of the panel in units.
Is Transparent? (IsTransparent) <boolean> (in all games since Portal 2)
Set this to true if you would like your background to be invisible instead of a black fill.


Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.


Make the vgui screen visible.
Make the vgui screen invisible.

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