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List of things I might do. If someone else does them first, though, that's absolutely fine.

Note:Please do not add items to this page. If there's something that you think I should do, mention it on my talk page.

By hand

  • Compile-check blank mod with VC++ 2005 Express
  • General tutorial on custom sound
    • optional lipsynch
    • sound manifest
    • The workaround for vanilla HL2
    • CC
  • General tutorial on beginning choreography
    • New choreo scene
    • Actors
    • Channels
    • WAVs
    • gestures,etc
    • placing in map with logic_choreographed_scene
    • triggering events in map (or just link to other article)
  • Detailed elevator article/tutorial.
  • More Abstract Mapping articles.
  • Make it easier for newcomers to find stuff
    • Look for ways to make help easier to find.
    • Floated nav menu for "Getting Started" mod pages.
  • Finish Non-code mod settings
  • Slap third-party templates on Category:HL2 Third Party Mods - anything that stays still long enough.
  • Detailed testing of logic_lineto and cousins

Bot projects

Need version 0.3 XML export.

  • Complete Availability info in all entities
    • Later, check articles against SDK code
  • Check apostrophe usage across site (Scalawag!) [trivially easy]
  • Check for dead external links [trivially easy]