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Slime water, toxic water, deadly acid, or deadly goo is an obstacle in Portal 2. Like grinders and bottomless pits, objects and players that drop into it are destroyed. The surface is brown, and foamy around the edges.


  • Create a brush extending over the area where you want the slime. Apply a nodraw (tools/toolsnodraw) texture to all surfaces, then one of the nature/toxicslime textures to the top.
  • Create another brush in the same location. Apply the trigger texture (tools/toolstrigger). Choose Tie to Entity and select trigger_hurt. Set Damage and Damage Cap to 1000 and Damage Type to CHEMICAL (but not DROWN).
  • The basin needs another brush at its base because you will fall through water, and also because water doesn't seal leaks.
  • One way to destroy objects: place a trigger_multiple in the water, with the flag Physics Objects, and these outputs:
My Output > Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnStartTouch !activator SilentDissolve   0.00 No
Io11.png OnStartTouch !activator Kill   0.10 No

The SilentDissolve input destroys cubes and fires their OnDissolved output correctly, so they can respawn. The Kill output removes other entities that ignore SilentDissolve. It is delayed to ensure SilentDissolve executes first.

Although you cannot see it in-game, the slime will probably have ugly edges where the texture tiles. To fix this, you need to stretch the slime texture to the size of your pit. However, for whatever reason, pressing "Fit" on the Hammer Face Edit Dialog with the slime texture will not align it properly. To properly align/stretch the texture of the slime:

  1. Find a texture that is 256×256.
  2. Open the face edit dialog on the slime.
  3. Apply the 256×256 texture to the face.
  4. Press "Fit."
  5. Switch texture back to slime.

To finish it off, you can put a particle effect over the slime. You can use water_mist_256, water_mist_512, or water_mist_1024_512. (See List of Portal 2 Particles.)

If, when you run the level in Portal 2, the Deadly Goo appears glitchy, try compiling the map with "vvis" set to 'Normal' or 'Fast'.

See sp_a2_trust_fling.vmf (included with the Portal 2 Authoring Tools) for an example map using Deadly Goo.