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Blank image.pngTodo: Port all translations to Template:Software status, before deprecating this template and turning it into a template redirect like Template:Banned spammer does.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:It is now recommended to use {{Software status}} instead. This template will be soon deprecated, the original template will be kept for compatibility with pages that haven't been updated.

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Syntax: {{mod release|appid=<game appid>}} Optional: Put {{mod release|game={{hl2|3.1}}|appid=<game appid>|sys=true|win=true|mac=true|linux=true|deck=verified|note=<insert text here>}} to show all supported systems (Win, Mac, Linux + SteamOS), game/mod notices, aswell as game name and Deck status to verified.


Example + Preview

{{mod release|game={{hl2|3.1}}|appid=17520|sys=true|win=true|mac=true|linux=true|deck=playable|note=This is an example text.}} will show this:

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