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This redirect is marked as something valuable, due to any number of reasons, such as:
Creating shortcuts that are easier to type or remember, redirecting users who make common typos when using the search box, avoiding browsers such as Firefox which may load pages that end with / instead of the actual page (Half-Life 2/ instead of Half-Life 2), and/or something else. Please don't delete this redirect if it still makes this wiki better.

Automatically calls {{banned user}} with {{{reason|spam}}}. This is used on older user pages that have been not updated for long time. The only flaw is that some users who have been banned for vandalism may also use this template instead of {{banned user}}. Furthermore, this is used in case if User:VDCBot doesn't work well with new version of this template.


This user has been banned for Wikipedia icon spamming pages and/or Wikipedia icon advertising.
Additional notes: If this user has been banned for other reasons than spam or advertisement, or using the {{Banned spammer}}, replace this with {{Banned user}} instead, with actual reasons specified.
The {{Banned spammer}} template (which is used to display this notice) was kept in order to avoid issues with User:VDCBot, which replaces the user page with banned message.