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An inline template showcasing the game availability of a keyvalue, material parameter, or other feature. It is intended to be a super template for the ones listed below. The color of the text changes based upon which game is used.


The used strings are on strings subpage of "Software" template. Please follow the format to add translations for them.



{{{1}}} This unnamed parameter should be a transclusion of a template in Category:Game icons. Multiple game icon templates can be used, but this will result in the default color for the text.
{{{text}}} The text to be shown on the left of the icon. Default is in.
{{{suffix}}} The text to be shown on the right of the icon. Default is nothing.
{{{color}}} The color of the text. Defaults to the color of the game icon used.


{{in|{{hl2}}}} (in Half-Life 2)
{{in|{{hl1}}{{hlbs}}}} (in Half-LifeHalf-Life: Blue Shift)
{{in|{{hl1}}{{hlbs}}|color=#FFFFFF}} (in Half-LifeHalf-Life: Blue Shift)
{{in|text=in all games since|{{tf2}}}} (in all games since Team Fortress 2)
{{in|{{l4dbranch|3.1}}}} (in Left 4 Dead engine branch)
{{in|{{src06}}|suffix=branch}} (in Source 2006 branch)
{{in|{{src13|4}}|suffix=branch}} (in Source 2013 Source 2013 branch)

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