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Using the default mechanics of team control point entity you can create a new map type by simply arranging the team control points in a circle, and making each point require the capture of a point preceding it. This makeshift type of maps has been dubbed Cyclic Capture Point (or Circular Capture Point), using the "ccp_" prefix in map filenames.


A CCP map uses the same goal entities as any traditional CP map does, the only difference is in how those entities are arranged. A standard CCP map will have 4 control points (corresponding to the cardinal directions - North, East, South, and West) arranged in a circle. The "Required Capture Point" for each team control point must be set (for both teams) to the "previous" team control point (adjacent clockwise, or counter-clockwise). Just like in a CP map, each node needs to have spawn rooms associated with it for players to respawn at.

Players should spawn at the last node that their team captured (this can be difficult to setup for mappers, see Creating CCP_ maps) and then either move "clockwise" or "counter-clockwise" from that spawn room depending on whether they are capturing new nodes, or defending the nodes they've already taken. The round is over when one team owns all of the capture points, or in a special case when one team owns three points before the other teams can capture any at all, in which case the losing team is no longer able to capture any points (all nodes require one other node) and there is still a neutral node left on the map.

Note.pngNote:CCP is still in its concept stages, with only preliminary testing done, so all feedback is welcome.

How CCP maps play differently

CCP maps have some inherent differences that set them apart from the stock maps, which leads to challenge the player and the map authors in new ways.

You have no "base"
When playing a CCP map, you will notice that it is not only possible but common that the node you initially spawned from will be taken by the opposing team. You don't have any "bases" to work from, and you only control whatever defensive positions you manage to find/create.
You must hurry
A CCP map is a race - you must capture the opposing team's nodes faster than they capture yours.
There are two chokepoints instead of one
To excel in a CCP map you must execute strong offensive tactics to capture new nodes, while maintaining a solid defense to prevent your nodes from being recaptured; but because of the inherent one-way nature of these maps, groups of players will never be around the same location of the map at the same time.
Enemies can come from any direction
A map built with alternate routes between its nodes can become extremely simple to flank the opposing team on.
Note.pngNote:This is a crucial piece of information for mappers to take into account. You need to be very careful when it comes to balancing this type of map, as the gameplay is already chaotic and unstable to begin with.

Proof of concept

Hovis's ccp mechanics is a POC map.

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