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This is the proof of concept map created by Hovis for his CCP_ (Cyclic Capture Points) map type. See: Cyclic Capture Points for more details.

The file is available at

Note: Any first person references on this page (I, me, us) refers to Hovis or/and his friends that have also worked on the CCP_ project.


Is this map getting updated/worked on?

No. This map is not designed to be played on. If there are updates to this map (as CCP_ matures) I will release new versions and link them here.


PoP is just a personal domain of mine that used to hold my WoW guild site, I just use it for file-hosting now.

Can I host the file for you?

Feel free, it would be nice if you referred to this page. Just please, don't modify the file and release it under the same name.


What's with the func_regenerate on the ceiling?

I do my testing with the soldier class, and when doing a little playtesting I wanted a simple way to get my health back. (Yes, I cheated!)

Eventually, I spawn in the wrong color room!

Yes, the colored spawnrooms only dictate where teams START. CCP_ is CYCLIC... you don't have a "base" (see the doc).

What's with the Func_Brushes behind the func_respawnroomvisualizers?

Because of my decision to use 'neutral' spawnpoints, spawncamping becomes a bit of an issue. A limitation of the func respawnroomvisualizers is that they aren't solid to players if the associated func respawnroom is neutral. The func brush is a workaround to prevent players from entering the spawnroom until someone owns it. (If the enemy takes it, the RSV will become solid, if the friendly team takes it, the RSV 'disappears') The func brush is "Kill"ed by the team control point when that point becomes capped (for the first time).

What's with the weird I/O and these logic compares?

Those are needed for early win detection. (See Creating CCP maps) I'm afraid I was drunk when I set that up, and I don't want to take the time to understand what I did. I know it works, and that you can copy it over to your map without a problem. (If anyone wants to make a better system, please feel free!)

I don't understand how -something- works...

Before you ask a question, please just look at the I/O connections, they're not super difficult. If you just can't get it, ask me in the discussion page. (There's also some contact info on Hovis)