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Heyo! It's a Hovis page! Yayy!


By Wiki: Leave me a message on my talk page, I should get back to you soon, but if I don't then that means I'm not checking it anymore, try one of the other options.

By email: Feel free to contact Hovis directly at [email protected] (This is an invalid email address. To obtain the correct address, replace "invalid" with "com" and replace "atlantic" with "pacific").

By IM: Steam: search for dbidl or hovis. My account belongs to the group Hovis's Gmod Development. IRC: I am almost always logged into under the username "hovis"


I created the 'new' map type that I call Cyclic Capture Points (Cyclic Capture Points, Creating CCP_ maps). You may have seen this circular take on the cp_ maps in ccp_circlejerk, which I co-authored with What is Schwa? (he did all the pretty brushwork, don't ask me about the name)

It would be great if I could get some feedback and suggestions about ccp_ and ccp_ maps, I really want to turn this into a common map type.

Garry's Mod

Yay Garry's Mod!