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Sprinkle Tool in Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveAlien Swarm
Sprinkle Tool in Garry's Mod
The Sprinkle Tool in use.

(only in Garry's ModCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveAlien Swarm) The Sprinkle Tool allows for quick placement of pre-defined entities onto your map. The Sprinkle Tool requires a custom script in order for it to place entities.

To open the Sprinkle Tool:

  1. Choose Sprinkle... from the Tools Menu or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S to open the Entity Sprinkle dialog.
  2. Holding Left Click around your map will allow you to use the tool.
  3. Holding Right Click and moving the mouse will change the Radius size.
  4. Holding CTRL while Left Clicking will temporarily change the mode to Subtractive.

(only in Garry's Mod) Hammer Map Tools Toolbar has an additional icon for the Sprinkle Tool.


Types are defined in script files that are used to define what should be placed around the map. They're located at <gameinfo path>/scripts/hammer/sprinkle.


This lets you select how the tool will act when placing entities. There are four options:

  • Additive - Adds entities in the Radius and will overwrite any existing entities in the Radius.
  • Subtractive - Removes entities in the Radius.
  • Replace - Replaces all entities in the Radius, acts like Additive and Subtractive.
  • Overwrite - Overwrite entities in the Radius, acts like Additive but only on already existing entities.
Note.png Note: The tool will not replace already existing entities, only entities created by the Sprinkle Tool.


Determines the chance of an entity being placed.

Random X/Y/Z

(only in Garry's Mod)

To do: Is it actually Grid Offset?

Grid Offset

To do

Item Offset (Z)

(only in Garry's Mod)

To do

Grid Size

Determines how close together entities are place in the Radius. By default it uses the Grid Size defined in the script, but if 'Use Grid Size from Definition' is unticked, a custom Grid Size can be entered. Pressing 'Use Grid' will use the current Snap Grid Size.

Use Grid Size From Definition

Determines if the Grid Size from the Definition is used or not. If unticked a custom Grid Size can be entered.

Looks for the 'grid' keyword in the Definition.

Random Yaw

Will randomly spin the entities on their Yaw.

Adding Types

To add types to the tool, you'll need to make a Sprinkle Definition. All Sprinkle definitions are located at <gameinfo path>/scripts/hammer/sprinkle/, (ex. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/csgo/scripts/hammer/sprinkle/) which usually doesn't exist by default.

A definition file can be named anything, as long as it ends with the .txt file extension.

Definition File Example

"Agave Plants" //This is what shows up in Type
	base //The base values of what you want to sprinkle. Every entity will have these values, but you do not need to put anything here
		"classname" "prop_static"
		grid "64 64" // The default grid size of this type, this can be overridden in Hammer
	10 //This is the chance of this set of values being used, this can be any number
		"model" "models/props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/agave_plant_01.mdl" //The values of this case
		"model" "models/props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/agave_plant_02.mdl"
		"rendercolor" "13 204 75"
		"model" "models/props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/agave_plant_03.mdl"
		"rendercolor" "13 204 75"
	10 //Since there's 4 cases with the same chance, each case has a 1/4 chance of being placed
		"model" "models/props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/agave_plant_04.mdl"
		"uniformscale" "1.3"