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  • These are the official credits for "Half-Life 2" as released in October 2004: Thanks to the following for the use of their faces:
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  • ...simulation engine. VPhysics objects move and collide believably thanks to the system's simulation of [[Wikipedia:Mass|mass]], [[Wikipedia:Gravitation|gra Physics, a physics middleware acquired and since licensed by [[Havok]]. The successor to VPhysics on [[Source 2]] is [[Rubikon]].
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  • and the OB compile tools used VMPI for distributed map compiles, though the OB compile tool text help was not updated to show any new commands. ...ver for tracking network statistics across the master and worker machines. The VMPI released in 2009 did not require a MySQL server and therefore didn't h
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  • Source uses four methods to simulate the effects Mechanical Forces on the Motion of World Objects in game: {{TODO|what is the correct term for a single piece of convex geometry within a concave or join
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  • ...2005], retrieved from Geocities before the service shut down. A mirror to the original version can be found [ ...the overall structure of the format and the parts of it that have remained the same or similar to its predecessors.
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  • int mapRevision; // the map's revision (iteration, version) number
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  • ...m [[physics]] engine used in [[Source 2]]. It replaces [[Havok]], which is the main provider of physics for [[Source]] engine games.
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  • ...iginal hefty license fees intact. It is now a legacy product superseded by Havok's in-house middleware suite. IVP was initially licensed for an estimated $50,000-$60,000 per title. The licensing cost for third-party Source games is now $25,000 per title.
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  • Ritualistic, where more information about its creation can be found at the overall FAQ page. <i id="201">'''2.01 What is the story of SiN Episodes?'''</i>
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  • ...prise for everyone, especially for fans of the original game. How long has the game actually been in development and when was it decided you'd venture int ...about moving to an episodic model and then we went into full production on the first episode very early this year.</p>
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