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This page shows the versatility of the Source engine.


AndrewNeo's English Project

The house in this picture is intended to represent a mountainside home in the book Uglies for a Teen Literature class. It is simple in appearance due partially to the mapper's poor level of skill at map making, and largely due to the fact that it was a small project. Instead of drawing the picture by hand, the map was made in Half-Life 2 and taken as a high-resolution screenshot to be printed in a scrapbook project as a piece of art.


This project shows quotes from The Great Gatsby in a series of clicks with a camera attached to a moving entity. The quotes are supposed to show the different aspects of Jordan Baker and how she is an example of the new type of woman that emerges from the 1920's.

You can download a copy of it here. Credits for custom models go to ts2do and Spektre1.

University Mods

Source mods produced by students at The Guildhall:
Cohort 9 DissonanceNightmare
Cohort 8 The Color of DoomThe Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident
Cohort 7 Déjà VuduUnseelie
Cohort 6 HauntedSon of Ithaca
Cohort 5 GrimoireThe Fiona ProjectToybox Heroes
Cohort 4 ShantytownWeekday Warrior
Cohort 3 KompressorNitrate
Cohort 2 EclipseSamurai Legends