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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> Samurai Legends is a multiplayer action game for Half-Life 2 that uses a combat system familiar to players of many online MMO games. Players may choose from three character classes and then upgrade their weapons, armor, and abilities by earning honor on the battlefield. Honor is earned by killing enemy players and completing objectives and is spent between rounds in a menu system similar to Counter-Strike. Top players are recognized by a “leader flag” that attaches to their back, and these leaders then provide a healing bonus to near-by players to encourage group game-play. In addition, the monk class may seek out the “resurrection shrine” found on each map to resurrect fallen comrades.


  • Round-based combat. Weapons and armor are purchased between rounds.
  • Over 30 unique weapons and armor sets.
  • Armor purchased shows up on the character model.
  • Clickable ability icons and mouse-driven selection cursor.
  • Leader system encourages and rewards team-play.
  • Resurrection Shrine brings fallen comrades back to life.
  • Spell particle effects.
  • Diverse settings and combat locations.
  • Style selection effects character ability cool-downs.
  • Mythic Asian setting and characters.
  • 3 unique game-types (warlord, assassination, and take-and-hold).



Samurai Legends was put together within six months by a senior group of students as their last big project before graduation at The Guildhall at SMU. [1] A beta was completed, however it wasn't officially released because of the remaining bugs. [2]


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