Déjà Vudu

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This single-player mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Déjà Vudu is a Source mod where the player is trapped inside a mansion with voodoo spirits and must uncover the mysteries hidden in the surroundings. Déjà Vudu was developed in a five-month period and uses adventure/puzzle game as its genre description.

The story begins when the player awakens inside a large abandoned plantation home on the outskirts of New Orleans. Armed with a possessed voodoo doll, the player gains the ability to travel through time. Inside the mysterious dwelling voodoo spirits, otherwise known as Loas, inhabit objects related to their personalities. Throughout the journey, the player uncovers tools that can be used to agitate the Loas. Once agitated, the Loas flee from the inhabited objects, thus allowing the player to capture them with the voodoo doll.

Déjà Vudu captures the essence of an environmental adventure. Every piece of the gameplay highlights the adventure aspect of the player’s experience, from exploration and discovery to tracking down and capturing spirits.

Icon-Bug.pngBug:The mod does not support saved games. However, since it's split into two chapters you don't have to replay the game completely.

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