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SiN Episodes Level Creation

With the release and abandonment of Sin Episodes due to Ritual Entertainment's buyout, a series of bugs have been left unpatched and are currently still in the final product.

This page tries to collect all of these bugs and provide a fix for them if any are available at the current time, for both the game and the SDK itself. If any has further bugs or problems not on the list, please add them with a short guide for how to fix them too if possible.


Hammer/Faceposer/HLMV crashes upon launch with the error message 'Can't find steam app user info'.

Create a new file called 'SteamAppData.vdf' in SinEpisodesSDK\config and place this text inside of it:

	"AutoLoginUser"		"common"

Displacement brush filters are unavilable.

This can be fixed by copying the 'filters' folder from inside any source game into the SinEpisodesSDK\bin folder and afterwards restarting hammer.

Decompiled maps have some of their textures missing.

A lot of the official maps have for whatever reason some set of textures packed inside of them which easily can be fixed by opening their respective bsp files with GCFScape and copying the folder materials\maps to SinEpisodesSDK\SE1\materials and restarting hammer. Remember that because of this, any use of these textures in your own maps requires that they get packed before release with a tool such as Pakrat or VIDE as they else will show up as missing when playing the map.

The magnum gun model does not display with weapon_magnum in hammer.

Open up SinEpisodesSDK\bin\SinEpisodes.fgd in a text editor and search for "weapon_magnum". Here replace the content inside of the 'studio' closure right next to it with "models/weapons/w_magnum/w_magnum.mdl", save the file and restart hammer. The weapon_magnum entity should now show up in hammer with the magnum model.

The icons in Faceposer are broken.

This is not a problem unique to SiN, but to fix it download this file and extract the folder gfx to SiN Episodes Emergence\SE1 and restart Faceposer. The icons should now show up correctly.


Thirdperson is facing 90 degress to the right.

To fix this, open the Developer Console and type cam_idealyaw 0, this command does not require cheats and neither the use of autoexec.cfg to persist between startups.

There is no thirdperson playermodel.

There is currently no plausable way to fix this at the current time.


  • SiN's version of Hammer might not shut down completely upon exiting and as such will still run in the background until its process hammer.exe*32 is closed via the task manager.