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The Decals\ folder of Source Materials.gcf (and its subfolders) contain shaders used for decals.


Only three types of shaders are used here: DecalModulate, VertexLitGeneric and Subrect.

Dedicated Shaders

The following shaders are more or less exclusively used for this folder:


  • Used in 89 materials in these folders, always in files ending with _subrect.vmt.
  • It is also, to a much lesser extent, used in the Effects\ and Sprites\ folders.


  • Used in 55 materials in these folders only.
  • See Using Modulation on how to use this.
  • Only referred to once (in src\utils\xwad\xwad.cpp) in the released mod code.


  • Used in the materials decalglasswindow003a.vmt, decalmetalvent004a.vmt and decalporthole001b.vmt in these folders only.
  • Replaced by LightmappedGeneric in numerous materials in both this folder and the Props\ folder.
  • Not found in released mod code.


  • Used in only one material: rendermodelshadow.vmt
  • Probably referred once (in src\cl_dll\clientshadowmgr.cpp) in the released mod code.
  • Do not confuse with the proxy by the same name.


  • Used in the materials rendershadow.vmt and simpleshadow.vmt only.
  • Do not confuse with the proxy by the same name.