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Ravenholm screenshot
TypeSingle Player Modification
DevelopersLord Games
EngineSource Source
Based onHalf-Life 2 Half-Life 2
Release Date 2007
Last VersionRavenholmNCZ Patch (Jan 6th, 2019)
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January 2024


Developed in the Czech Republic by Lord Games, Ravenholm is a single-player Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 modification based around the terrifying atmosphere, visuals and gameplay from the Half-Life 2 chapter of the same name. With a different and greatly expanded story and many new locations, you will find yourself battling many more zombies, headcrabs and more in a bid to free the town from this horrific, nightmarish infestation.


  • On Jan 6th, 2019, Ravenholm would be patched to work with Source 2013 Singleplayer Source 2013 Singleplayer.
  • Between May 31st, 2006, and Feb 14th, 2006, the game would receive language translations for Spanish, French, German, and Russian
  • On Jan 21st, 2006, Ravenholm 1.0 would be released.


Ravenholm screenshot
Ravenholm screenshot
Ravenholm screenshot

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