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RAD is a collective name for the lighting compilers for multiple engines' map formats. The name comes from Wikipedia icon radiosity lighting; see RAD (technical) for more information.

Engine Original official compiler(s) Modern third-party compilers
Quake II Quake II QRAD3 ArghRad (updated version)
RAD (Q2Tools-220, formerly 4RAD)
LIGHT (ericw-tools)
GoldSrc GoldSrc QRAD HLRAD (ZHLT, VHLT, and derivatives)
LIGHT (ericw-tools, experimental)
Source Source VRAD CSTRAD [Obsolete-notext.png Deprecated], Slammin' Source Map Tools Slammin' Compile Tools
Source 2 Source 2 VRAD2 and VRAD3 N/A

Additionally, .rad is used as as the file extension for external texture lighting metadata files used by QRAD, HLRAD, VRAD, and ericw-tools.