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 prop_detail_sprite is a internal point entity available in all Source Source games. It allows manual insertion of detail sprites into a level.

See Detail props#Sprites for detailed information about setting up detail props through .VBSP files.

Tip.pngTip:Only use this entity if you are desperate. It is much better to assign a material a %detailtype and let VBSP generate detail sprites itself.
Note.pngNote:This is an internal entity. When the map is compiled by VBSP it is processed and then removed: it does not exist when the map is running.


This entity is not in Valve's FGDs. Its properties must be set with SmartEdit disabled.

Origin (X Y Z) (origin) <coordinates>
The position of this entity's center in the world. Rotating entities typically rotate around their origin.
Pitch Yaw Roll (X Y Z) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.
detailOrientation <int>
See Detail props#sprites.
position_ul <Vector2D>
The location of the sprite's upper left corner, relative to its origin.
position_lr <Vector2D>
The location of the sprite's lower right corner, relative to its origin.
tex_ul <Vector2D>
The X Y position of the sprite's upper left corner on the detail texture.
tex_size <Vector2D>
The area of the detail texture that should constitute this sprite (dimensions of the sprite in texels). See Detail props#Sprites.
tex_total_size <int>
The width (X-axis resolution) of the detail texture.


Here is an example of a sprite from a custom .VBSP file.

				sprite "0 0 83 128 512"
				spritesize "0.5 0.05 7 13"
				spriterandomscale .3
				amount 0.02
				detailorientation 2
				sway 0.2
				upright 1
				maxangle 70

To place this sprite manually, the entity would be set up in this way:

detailOrientation <2>
position_ul <0 13>
position_lr <7 0>
tex_ul <0 0>
tex_size <83 128>
tex_total_size <512>