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A texel is a Wikipedia icon pixel on a texture. A texel will rarely map 1:1 onto a screen pixel. A texel, short for texture element, serves as the fundamental building block of a texture in computer graphics. Unlike a pixel, which directly corresponds to a point on the screen, a texel is a discrete unit within a texture map. The relationship between texels and screen pixels is seldom a straightforward one-to-one mapping.

Textures are two-dimensional images applied to 3D models or surfaces in computer graphics to enhance their visual appearance. Texels, as the individual elements composing these textures, are designed to cover the surface of objects seamlessly, providing intricate details and realistic features. However, the challenge arises when these textured surfaces are projected onto the screen.

Due to variations in resolution, aspect ratios, and other factors between the texture and the screen, a texel does not always align perfectly with a single screen pixel. This lack of direct correspondence often leads to interpolation or sampling techniques during the rendering process. Sophisticated algorithms are employed to determine how texels contribute to the final pixel values on the screen, ensuring a visually coherent and appealing representation of the textured surfaces.