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A Resource list (.res file) accompanies a map. When the map is running, it directs the server to push arbitrary files to connecting clients.

While it is generally preferable to achieve this by using BSPZIP to embed the files into the map itself, there are occasional situations where only loose files and a .res will work.

Note.png Note: A resource list must be located in the \maps folder with the same name as the associated BSP.


	"materials/vdc/some_material.vmt"	"file"
	"materials/vdc/some_material.vtf"	"file"
Tip.png Tip: .txt, .res, .ain and .nav files with the same name as the map are automatically pushed, and don't need to be included.
  • To do: What data types are there beside file?
  • To do: Can a .res be safely BSPZIPped?

VGUI Resource Files

Some resource files can be found in your /resource folder. Most of them are for VGUI.

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