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class hierarchy
CSceneListManager defined in sceneentity.cpp
Logic scene list manager.png

logic_scene_list_manager is a point entity available in all Source Source games. It manages a list of logic_choreographed_scene entities. Store choreo scenes in them in order that they will be played by other inputs. Whenever a scene plays, the manager will remove all scenes before that one in the list. The name of another logic_scene_list_manager can be entered in a slot instead of an individual scene, which will cause all scenes in that manager to be removed when a later scene in this list is played.


Scene 1 (scene0) to Scene16 (scene15) <targetname>
The name of a logic_choreographed_scene, or logic_scene_list_manager.
Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.


Remove the manager and all scenes referenced by it (and all scenes referenced by logic_scene_list_manager's embedded in this one).

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