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SiN Episodes Level Creation

In Sin Episodes there is a lot of secret areas scattered around the game for the player to find like in Half-Life 2 with lambda caches, which upon doing so will mostly promote the player by giving them either an item crate, ammunition or some health pack of sort for the work and time put into finding the hidden secret. This is not always the case through by which sometimes the player can instead find either a stationary 'dope' fish or just trigger or mark the event of being able to find another bigger secret located elsewhere in the same level. Most of the time it must be difficult to find the secrets as they are hidden in areas the player might not look after them but can in addition require the player to either stack objects to reach it, being skilled by using maneuvers like jumping or crouching, destroying power generators or must be opened by pushing a series of buttons to unlock; sometimes multiple times. There is a total of 44 actual secrets in the game (easter eggs does not classify) and is individually obtained once the player enters a trigger secret brush that will play a short music sound effect letting the player aware of the achievement, display a hud hint with 'You have found a secret!' and sometimes also on walls a tiki decal will be sprayed or something else entirely depending on the type of secret. The following list contains all of the secret areas in the order they appear in game, with a description about how to access each and every one, bundled together with images of the secrets themselves and what number they are in both the whole game and the given level in general.

Note.png Note:  Due to a possible oversight in the game, the stats menu panel will say there is only one secret to be found in 'U4 Lab - Infiltration' (se1_u4lab01), except this is not the case and there is actually two.


Amount Number Location Image
se1_docks01 (Docks - Trapped)
1 1 This is the first secret in the game and can be found right after talking with Garrison, where a series of grunts will attack and destroy a section of wooden floor boards with explosive barrels. From here jump down into the water below and swim all the way to the end towards where Garrison stands on top, which will reveal a dopefish in the murky waters.
20190606163415 1.jpg
2 2 Jessica has just taught the player about the health mechanics in the game and left by squeezing through an opening in a malfunctioning door. Another door will get blown open from where the player will be on a tight industrial road and then instead of going left, go right instead to the end of a parked trailer. Open its doors and the secret will unlock, giving the player a pair of item crates and ammunition.
20190606163522 1.jpg
3 3 The player will exit the first warehouse after almost getting run down by a truck, entering a small courtyard. Kill every enemy in the selected area and upon doing so take and stack the bins lying around the vicinity as close as possible to the windows at the staircase. Then carefully jump on top of them and into the nearest window, triggering the secret and giving the player some health and ammunition.
20190606163711 1.jpg
se1_docks02 (Docks - Lighthouse)
4 1 At the docks right when seeing the lighthouse for the first time, go to the left and enter the chainlink fence door by the red building. From here shoot at the generator's blue core until it breaks and then afterwards toggle the three switches by the breaker box nearby until the door opens up. Inside is a corridor with the first instance of the scattergun, ammunition and an item box down the hall, giving the player access to use of the weapon before initially intended to by the infiltration stage of the druglab.
20190606164815 1.jpg
5 2 After exiting by the door of the second dockhouse right before entering the lighthouse, jump down into the water at any place and swim in between the two buildings. This will reveal a hidden dopefish, looking the player dead in the eyes with its grin.
20190606164911 1.jpg
6 3 While still in the same pool of water by the dopefish in the previous secret, begin to swim towards the net at the end of the pier at the side of the concrete flood wall. At the bottom of the water there will be a sunken row boat with two item boxes inside.
20190606164942 1.jpg
se1_docks03 (Docks - Generators)
7 1 The battle against the robot death machine has just occurred with the player leaving by walking up a set of stairs to a carpet filled security entrance, where the player will get attacked from rappelling grunts before the door to the open courtyard gets blown open. From here head up the fire escape staircase, through the office complex on the top floor and into the staircase room by the door located at the right side of the office, with the secret being located under the lowest level staircase in form of an item crate.
20190606165140 1.jpg
8 2 While in the concrete staircase room, follow the staircase up to the door on the top and go through the hallways until windows will appear on the right side of the wall. Destroy the windows and jump out onto the pipe on the other side from where you can follow it to the solar panel at the end of the route, having an item crate that should be fully visible from any angle in the yard.
20190606165259 1.jpg
se1_docks04 (Docks - Trainyard)
9 1 The player will enter a large open area with a high bridge of pipes and a crane nearby, right after scaring away the pigeons. Here go back around the left side of the building following the railing while trying not to fall into the body of water, which after a second left turn will yield an item box, stuffed into the dark corner all by itself.
20190606165350 1.jpg
10 2 At this point the player will just have finished a sequence involving being inside a shipping container that is simultaneously moved from a thin pipe covered bridge to a railyard, over a large body of water. Jump down onto the tracks or any of the train cars when the container has stopped moving and then walk over to the blue transformer surrounded by a chainlink fence, with the secret being hidden just behind it with two item crates.
20190606165554 1.jpg
11 3 While still being on the tracks in the railyard, follow the tracks taking down enemies until you get to a overhead motorway bridge at its end, from where there should be an orange train car. Move around it by its right side and you should see a blue train car parked beside the warehouse with the secret inside of it; containing an item crate and an antigen canister.
20190606165649 1.jpg
12 4 The player is at this point trying to find a way into the red warehouse, full of enemies inside, to get into the stranded container ship. Go down the staircase beside the railyard to the small beach area below, from here jump down into the water and swim under the wooden dock beside the net. A dopefish should be just in front of the concrete wall.
Se1 secret area 12.jpg
13 5 This secret is located just 180 degrees from the one above. To enter the small enclosed yard to warehouse the player will first have to scale some stairs, where the secret in the form of an item crate will be just behind the first of them, the one to exit the beach area.
Se1 secret area 13.jpg
14 6 When trying to enter the warehouse the player will have to fight enemies in an enclosed yard. When in the yard standing just in front of the garage door of the building, there will be two wooden crates and a narrow passageway with rusted pipes on its side. Crouch down and move along the pipes' underside in the passage until you are at the passageway's end, from which on you can jump on top of the pipe and down the big hollowed out heat pipe instead. This will warp the player to the bridges of the roof of the warehouse, on top of all the action, triggering the secret and supplying item crates and some health on the opposite side of the teleport destination.
Se1 secret area 14.jpg


Amount Number Location Image
se1_u4lab01 (U4 Lab - Infiltration)
15 1 When exiting the small kitchen area and entering a warehouse like section with chemical tanks and item shelfs, kill as many enemies in the room as seem necessary and go through the short bilge water puzzle inside of the black box to the right. When exiting by the door on top, destroy the blue cores of the two power generators just in front for the secret to unlock and the light in the area will go out, revealing a bright light just beside the bilge ship door; containing a crate with a tiki on the wall.
Se1 secret area 15.jpg
16 2 After going through a heat room and small server farm filled with some enemies, the player exits by a door to a large room with two chemical silos and a layer with u4 barrels. Go down the flight of stairs and around the right side to the ladder going to the exiting door of the room, but instead of going up towards the exit crawl down into the floor below and the secret should be in the dark just below the large metal pipes going to the back wall behind the ladder.
Se1 secret area 16.jpg
se1_u4lab02 (U4 Lab - Laboratory)
17 1 Entering a small room where to only be prevented from going through a security station next door due to a forcefield, kill the enemies in the area and go up the staircase, afterwards crawl up the ladder in the shipping room but here follow the platform instead of opening the door to the attic. The secret will be at its end hidden behind a bunch of barrels of containers; a single crate and a tiki.
Se1 secret area 17.jpg
18 2 This secret is one of the more complex secrets in the game to find and requires a bit of setup to gain access to, but is compared to the rest more a combination of an easter egg and a secret. When entering a mutant autopsy room after going through the attic, go down the stairs to the right into the laboratory with the mutant gas chambers and through the two glass doors in front. Here a bunch of lab equipment will be located on tables and walls down the platform, with the location of the secret itself being behind the door on the floor below with three bright red lights right over it. To unlock the door you will have to press all of the three monitors among the lab equipment with a red light until they each individually turn green, but do not shoot any of them or the door will not be able to be unlocked at all. The secret will reveal a tiki and three mutants doing a ritual, which is the name of the company behind the game (Ritual Entertainment) which is equally stated on the walls, and a hidden assault rifle behind the wooden tiki.
Se1 secret area 18.jpg
19 3 Slamming through the holding doors of the submarine holding area with the cart, with Radek observing everything as they play out for the player, eleminate as many enemies as it seem necessary to walk around freely and then head down into the water following the left wall with the metal beams overhead until reacing the last one at the back wall of the hull. The tiki will be painted on the beam itself with an item crate right in front, brightened by a small light.
Se1 secret area 19.jpg
se1_u4lab03 (U4 Lab - Catastrophe)
20 1 The player has just been informed of the destruction of the entire lab, from which on play the map normally until you get to a staircase that you should use to walk to the second level and open the door. Follow the floor around the crane and past the ladder, with the secret being snuck just into the corner from it.
Se1 secret area 20.jpg
se1_u4lab04 (U4 Lab - Hunted)
21 1 Entering the large room with chemical silos and racks of U4 barrels, now in massive ruin because of the facility's destruction, follow the platform and jump down on the level below whereafter you should go up the flight of stairs into the server farm in the room above the U4 racks. Fight the possible enemies that might be there, go up the staircase inside of the server room to the second floor and the secret will be hidden beside the door to the heat room surrounded by burning rubble and flames.
Se1 secret area 21.jpg
22 2 Following your battles through the tight corridors of the facility, you will again end back up in the large holding area with chemical tanks and silos with a layer of water beneath it, where a set of red, white and brown pipes goes out through the ship's hull. Do not take the direct route out of the ship but instead jump down into the water below and swim through the door flooded below the chemical silo with the red pipes coming out of it in the corner of the room. Swim to the back left corner of the flooded room inside and in the seabed below there will be a dope fish with the message 'The Dopefish Lives!'.
Se1 secret area 22.jpg
23 3 While still at the location of the secret above, turn around 180 degress and you will see another door right in front of you where another secret will be inside providing an item crate with a tiki sprayed on the wall beside it.
Se1 secret area 23.jpg


Amount Number Location Image
se1_pit01 (Pursuit - Descent)
24 1 Right after gettng off Radek's oil tanker you will come to a long hallway where a mutant will throw a chair at you, whereafter you through a window to the beach outside can see the lab being blown into pieces flying everywhere, with JC simultaneously informing you it is sinking as he speaks. Go back and pick up the chair that was thrown at you and open the door right behind the large window in the wall, where a large pipe with be hanging from the celling which is where the secret is located. Now turn the chair upside down so that the backrest is facing towards the pipe and the seat towards the door, place the end of the seat on the first step with the backrest being on a lower step so it stands horizontally and does not fall over. Finally jump on top of the bottom of the chair now facing upward and then by very carefully running and jumping followed by a crouch towards the pipe itself, you will end up in the space it and you can collect the secret loot, an antigen canister and some ammo. Please note that this procedure is not easy to do in any way and is properly not something you will get at first try.
Se1 secret area 24.jpg
25 2 You will arrive at a sewer system with pipes everywhere and a pool of water beneath you, where you will need to jump on top of a floating platform suspended by wired and continue along a route of pipes while making sure to not fall down, as you will not be able to make it up here again should you mistakenly fall down. Kill all of the enemies in the way until you get to a small room with a crate, a bin and a u4 barrel but do not destroy any of them as you will need them to get the secret. Pick up the large wooden crate - which unlike what might be believed is actually possible, and place it at the end off the hallway under the hole in the celling overhead right around the corner and then in whatever order likewise pick up the bin and u4 barrel and place one right in front of the crate and the other on top. Then you can jump on top of all the objects and get onto the room above the celling with the secret being right in front of you; a tiki sprayed on the wall and a megahealth item.
Se1 secret area 25.jpg
se1_pit02 (Pursuit - Emergence)
26 1 At this point you have just gotten out of the small cramped maze to large open ground and gets a notice of Jessica's arrival by car with a druglab helicopter in pursuit to try to destroy her and the vehicle. Now instead of going forward and entering the car, go to the right and move around and behind the white truck parked in the corner, with the secret being located at the back of the inside of its trailer. When you get to the back there will very nicely be a u4 barrel for you, as you are unable to enter the trailer manually because of its height from ground level, which you can place in front of and jump on top of to enter the trailer; with the secret being an item crate and the back.
Se1 secret area 26.jpg
27 2 Following the last secret, enter the car with Jessica and take out all of the enemies on the way until you are forced to exit the vehicle when you arrive at the gate by the control station. Now backtrack to the fence gate the car previously drove through and go to the corner left of it beside the two palettes on the side from where on now you now stand, and there will be a small megahealth item waiting for you.
Se1 secret area 27.jpg


Amount Number Location Image
se1_highrise01 (Supremacy Tower - Entry)
28 1 When in the garage area of the tower, the player will come across a ramp to the third floor of the building with a van throwing flaming explosive barrels at them. Here there will be a door leading to the secret on the right side on the top of the ramp beside the van itself, but it is locked by default and only opens for a limited time of 5 seconds everytime the player enters a trigger stretched across the two bollards at the bottom of the ramp itself. To make it easier, start of by shooting the barrels inside of the van to destroy it and also kill all the enemies around of it, then jump down on the floor below and walk over to the bottom of the ramp. Then there begin to run towards the door while excessively jumping to gain speed up the ramp and you should if done correctly be able to enter right before the door closes. The secret will be an antigen canister on a rack in the room below, which can also be seen through the fence when first entering the garage.
Se1 secret area 28.jpg
29 2 On the third floor of the garage there will be a van parked in front of a set of vending machines, where it is possible to look down on the floor below over a railing. Jump out onto the concrete beam sticking out of the pillar beside the van and walk across it until you get to the platform across your current position on the other side of the large lift shaft blocking the view. When there you should go to the left side of the platform to the the loot of two item crates, but the secret itself is triggered as soon as you land on the platform.
Se1 secret area 29.jpg
30 3 Jessica has just leaved the player to themselves on the third floor of the garage area by leaving through an almost closed security gate beside a set of vending machines. Continue by opening the door at the end of the small corridor to the left of the gate and then jump down over the railing just on the other side of it, providing two item crates to the player at the floor below.
Se1 secret area 30.jpg
31 4 The player has just walked up a large staircase to the floor above where there will be a short puzzle to blow open a door by igniting explosive barrels placed on the other side it. On a wall beside a fence across the location of the explosive barrels there will be a lot of blue, brown and red pipes running alongside it. Duck down underneath the pipes to the thick concrete pillar at the end of the fence and push the button hidden in the inner corner, which will open a secret door on the other side of the fence. Now inginite the barrels and open the door if not already done, and walk around the orange striped concrete pillar with pipes sticking out of it, where there will be a small room inside now accessable and with a megahealth item.
Se1 secret area 31.jpg
32 5 Following the area above, walking up the next staircase will lead to a new floor where you will immediately get attacked by a force of grunts, security robots and different kinds of mutants, which you will have to kill to make it a bit easier. The door leading to the secret area is located behind the fence and forklift about when you first enter the room, to reach it pick up three containers of any kind in the vicinity such as bins or U4 barrels and stack them like a staircase infront of the fence. You can then enter by jumping on top of the containers and over the fence, where the secret is a secret mutant bar with two item crates behind the counter. Leave by jumping on top of the pipes and then the rack in the same place where you entered by the fencing.
Se1 secret area 32.jpg
se1_highrise02 (Supremacy Tower - Search)
33 1 When at the statue and the large yellow stained glass window on the bridge over the submarine in the atrium, jump on top of the railing in front of one of the pillars on either side when facing the statue and walk along the ledge to the three adjacent pillars opposite the statue. When there you can open the left door to gain access to the secret area which will give an item crate an a small easter egg warning sign in return.
Se1 secret area 33.jpg
34 2 Walking around the top floor of the atrium and a door will blow open, throwing grunts your way, but instead of immediately heading that direction to the end of the level, continue going around the top floor beside the door until you get to the opposite side of where you first entered. There will be a small innocent item crate hidden in the dark corner behind some plants for you to take.
Se1 secret area 34.jpg
35 3 First time entering the office space from the elevator hall, continue going along the right wall until you get to another large area with yellow stained glass windows in front of you, a concrete pillar on your right side and a printer on the left. When here you have to go straight to the left cubicle behind the printer and destroy its backwall by shooting at it, with the secret being hidden behind it, consisting of secondary ammo for all of your weapons.
Se1 secret area 35.jpg
36 4 Go up the staircase in the office space to the second floor and walk alongside the right wall in-between all of the cubicles until you see a door on your right which you should enter to get the secret of two item crates. This is located on a platform and can also be seen from the floor underneath when first enter the office.
Se1 secret area 36.jpg
se1_highrise03 (Supremacy Tower - NOC)
37 1 The player has just arrived at the Network Operation Center (NOC) with Jessica, where a bunch of moving boxes will be stacked against the fencing blocking off the servers. Jump on top of and maybe even move some of the boxes so that it is possible to get onto the server prop on the other side of the fence, then when there go to the right side from where you entered and you should see a loot crate and a 'What is love' car ride easter egg with the characters Jessica, Elexis and Radek as bobble heads.
Se1 secret area 37.jpg
38 2 Go into the lift when it has been activated by Jessica and ride to the 15th floor, while killing any enemies that might be in the way. When you have arrived, shoot out the glass in the right side of the lift, move out onto the concrete pillar and then descend by three floors by dropping from frame to frame in the adjacent lift shaft. Look out towards the city and the facade of the tower and you should see a small platform you can carefully move out onto on the left side of the lift, providing you with some grenades and a DUAG ammunition item.
Se1 secret area 38.jpg
39 3 While still at the previous secret above, jump down two floors to the first set of lift doors right beneath your current location by dropping down from frame to frame to the interactable screen in-between the lift shafts. Click on the 'Open Doors' button on the screen which will open both elevator doors on the floor, giving you access to the secret; containing an item crate, a megahealth item and various types of ammunition.
Se1 secret area 39.jpg
40 4 Take the lift to the 20th floor where the secret will be a single item crate hidden behind the plants right in front when the doors open up.
Se1 secret area 40.jpg
41 5 Fight your way through the outer portion of the tower until around when you have just walked across the second banner beam and climbed the ladder on the other side to the floor above, then open the first door on the right and enter the set of corridors inside instead of taking the outer route with the ledges. Go through them until you see a glass window door with an antigen dispenser beside it and a grey concrete pillar in-front, with the button to open the door hidden on the other side of the pillar towards the inner wall of the corridor. The secret will give you an item crate an an antigen canister for the dispenser.
Se1 secret area 41.jpg


Amount Number Location Image
se1_finale01 (Showdown - Finale)
42 1 When entering the final level of the game, you will walk up a staircase out to a platform right below the top of the Supremacy Tower building where a short cutscene will play out that will then have you to go around the building to get to the top of it. Play the level normally and walk around the tower until you get to the last concrete barrier of the second corner of the building - the druglab helicopter will begin to attack you with missles at this point, jump on top of the railing and jump out in the middle of the air right in front of the barrier and you will land on an invisible block that if you walk further along will trigger the secret. You might want to save right before this and also run + jump to make it easier to get on the ledge, as there is a large chance you will fall off either before or after you have reached it, the first time around.
Se1 secret area 42.jpg
43 2 This secret requires that you have triggered the secret above to be achievable, so after you have jumped off the invisible block in the middle of the air onto solid ground from where you came, walk to the first door located on the right side when you walk around the second corner of the building. It will continuously open and close really fast and with the right timing will allow you to pass through and trigger the secret once you have entered the room inside.
Se1 secret area 43.jpg
44 3 When going through the door and into the room to achieve the secret above, jump down the hole with the pink flashing light below and you will be transported to a horizontally mirrored version of the Supremacy Tower's atrium hall. Fight your way through all the enemies in the level until you get to a yellow glass tinted bridge which you will have to cross at some point no matter what right after the information desk, where an antigen dispenser also hangs on the wall opposite of the secret. The secret is a dopefish and an Item_megahealth at the end of the bridge, the final secret in the game. By doing this you will also active an easter egg in the level and will be provided with two friendly npc_druglab_grunt_elite troopers disguised as dopefish that will assist you take down the enemies in the final battle.
Se1 secret area 44.jpg

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