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The easiest route to create a page is to simply type the name of it in the search bar at the top, and follow the link it gives you. You can also type it in your address bar or go to it through a red link.

Please do not make a page without providing at least some actual information about it! If you see a page doesn't exist even though it should, we would prefer you do not make it if you don't actually know anything about it. An acceptable alternative is to create a red link to the page somewhere and add the template we call todo.

Tip.pngTip:If you're making a page with a name similar to another page, consider using the template we call distinguish, or make a disambiguation page, such as HL1.
Note.pngNote:Page titles are case-sensitive, except for the first letter. door and Door are the same exact thing. Use DISPLAYTITLE to change the title of the page at the top of it (but not the URL).

Page Features

See Help:Editing Toolbar for help with the top bar.

The Summary box allows you to describe your changes. It's completely optional. It also has a 255 character limit, so you can make them kind of long, but not too long.

This is a minor edit marks your edit as minor. Reserve this for changes such as fixing typos. This should not be marked on any edits that change the actual information being told to readers.

Watch this page will tell the website to add the page you are editing to your watchlist.

The Show preview button allows you to see what your changes will look like before saving them. Please use this, instead of making many, many revisions to a page in rapid succession. Doing so creates clutter on edit history logs.

Show changes will summarize all the changes your current unsaved edit will make.

Click Save page when you are done editing.

User Pages

Your user page is your own personal editing spot. Write about yourself or whatever you want. Typically, only the associated user should be editing their user page.

Talk Pages

Talk pages are for discussing the content of their associated pages. If you want to discuss a page that does not have an associated discussion page, try on New Help Desk.

Mod Pages

See Help:Mod Profiles for guidelines on making a page for your mod.

Entity Pages

See Entity Article Template for how a page about entities should look. It's more of a standard, by the way. We do diverge from it sometimes for things like npc_blob.


Want to make one page automatically load another? See Help:Redirects.