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{{<game acronym> <point/brush>|<entity class name>}}

 Example {{css point|ammo_57mm}} 
   Results <Counter-Strike: Source>ammo_57mm is a point entity available in Counter-Strike: Source.
Tip.png Tip: If the entity is available in all source games, use base as game acronym.

Entity description

This should be a plainly-worded but accurate description of the basic function of the entity. A very basic description for most entities is included in the help built into Hammer. If the description isn't overly long, omit the header and put it at the top with the first sentence on the page.

FGDs (and by extension the Hammer properties window) are good sources for information on an entity's keyvalues, inputs, outputs, and flags, however FGDs often will not list everything available for an entity. Because of this, the wiki uses a mix of templates that roughly follow the engine's class hierarchy and ones that follow FGDs.

Also include Template:Code class:

 Example {{code class|CEntityClass|entityfile}} 
   Results In code, it is represented by class CEntityClass, defined in entityfile.

The entity's code class name can be found by searching LINK_ENTITY_TO_CLASS in the CPP file defining it.

Dedicated Console Variables and Commands (omit if none exist)

Console variables and commands can be found by searching ConVar and ConCommand in the CPP file that defines the entity. Note a parameter if any exist.

sk_barney_health <integer>
Barney's spawn health.

Flags (omit if none exist)

Tip.png Tip: See Category:Flag Templates for a list of available templates.
  • Integer value: Flag Name
Description if necessary.
  • 16: Start Silent
The map will start without this sound playing. Enabled by default.


Since every entity inherits CBaseEntity, all entity pages should have Template:KV BaseEntity if not more. The only exceptions are internal entities, which are removed during the compiling of a map and cannot receive I/O and most base keyvalues. This all applies to inputs and outputs as well.

Individual keyvalues are defined with Template:KV.

Tip.png Tip: See Category:Keyvalue Templates for a list of available templates.
Keyvalue Name (non-SmartEdit name) <vartype>
A description of the keyvalue.
Render Amount (renderamt) <integer>
Transparency amount, requires a Render Mode other than Normal. 0 is invisible, 255 is fully visible.


Individual inputs (and outputs) are defined with Template:IO

Tip.png Tip: See Category:Input Templates for a list of available templates.
InputName <optional vartype>
A description of the input.
SetSpeed <float>
Set the speed of the train, as a ratio of max speed [0, 1]


Tip.png Tip: See Category:Output Templates for a list of available templates.
A description of the output.
Fired when the button is pressed.

See also

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