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func_instance_parms is a internal point entity available in all Source games. When placed inside an instance, it handles conversion between $parameters and the properties of other entities in the instance.


parm1 to parm10 <instance_parm>
This is a parameter. It goes in the form of $variable type [default value].
$variable: The $name can be anything and then used as a KeyValue for an entity within the instance. For example, it can be $beamcolor. In turn, $beamcolor is used as the value for the color property (instead of the standard "255 255 255" value) of a prop_static entity, appropriately a metal crossbeam model.
type: It is a value type that is selected from a list. The value type for $beamcolor is color1.
Note.png Note: It is currently assumed that the type matches the keyvalue that it represents. This will require more testing in order to confirm that.
  • angle
  • angle_negative_pitch
  • axis
  • boolean
  • choices
  • color1
  • color255
  • decal
  • filterclass
  • flags
  • float
  • instance_file
  • instance_parm
  • instance_variable
  • integer
  • material
  • node_dest
  • node_id
  • npcclass
  • origin
  • particlesystem
  • pointentityclass
  • scene
  • script
  • scriptlist
  • side
  • sidelist
  • sound
  • sprite
  • string
  • string_instanced
  • studio
  • target_destination
  • target_name_or_class
  • target_source
  • vecline
  • vector
[default value]: The default value of the value type. In the case of value type color1, the default value is 255 255 255.
Warning.png Warning:  If using a targetname variable, Hammer will add the fix-up name to the variable wherever it's used, i.e. myinstance-$variable


Alien Swarm SDK has great examples of the use of func_instance_parms in instances. Some instances containing func_instance_parms are used in mapsrc/ASI-Jac1-LandingBay_01.vmf:

  • mapsrc/instances/railings_80square.vmf
  • mapsrc/instances/landingbay_door_unlocked_01.vmf
  • mapsrc/instances/spawners/floor_spawn_holdout01.vmf

One such case is railings_80square.vmf. It is a complex set of models that are placed repeatedly throughout the map with varying colors. func_instance_parms is added to the actual VMF/map file that contains the prefab (i.e. treated as an instance) and can "pass along" parameters to any func_instance that refers to it. In other words, each func_instance that refers to that VMF/map file containing the model set can have a different color set up.

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