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Tools cs place.png
TypeMesh Entity
EngineSource 2 Source 2
AvailabilityCounter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2

env_cs_place is a mesh entity available in Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2. It is used to set the place name that will be displayed on screen for the player

Tip.pngTip:Displayed place name will only change when player enters a new env_cs_place, that means that you only need to place it at the choke point of a area


Source 2 Transform:
Origin (origin) <coordinates>
The world space origin of the entity.
Angles (angles) <angles>
The pitch, yaw, roll orientation of the entity.
Scale (scales) <vector>
The x, y, z scales of the entity. Not all entities can use this.
Transform Locked (transform locked) <boolean>
Lock the transform at its current value, preveting the transform of the node from being modified.
Force Hidden (force hidden) <boolean>
Visually hides the entity from the viewports. The Outliner pane will still list hidden entities.
Editor Only (editor only) <boolean>
Entity is only displayed in Hammer and will not appear in game.

Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Place Name (place_name) <string>
Place name, will get localized in game

List of place names

Confirm:All place names from CSGO work in Counter-Strike 2 CS2