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give is a console command that gives the player (or, rather, spawns beneath their feet) any specified entity.

This command requires sv_cheats 1 in some games. Valve did not mark this as a cheat in Portal 2, and it allows for some very clever uses in challenge mode.

Note.png Note: Some entities will not work properly with this command because they need to be set up through Hammer.
Tip.png Tip: Using a point_servercommand entity to give the player something, is usually more reliable than the point_template ForceSpawn seen in the Newgame_spawn prefab, because the give command is not bound to a physical place, whereas the point_template will dump entities at the original spawnpoint when buildcubemaps is fired.
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In Half-Life 2, give weapon_rpg will spawn a rocket launcher under the player (which they will usually immediately pick up).

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