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Portal Level Creation


This guide will teach you how to create neurotoxin gas.

Note.png Note: For anyone who wants to complete this page, please finish Creating Vents because the neurotoxin vents in the boss fight room are the exact same shape as the normal vents seen throughout the BTS areas.

Creating the Gas

Create an info_particle_system and set it's particle to human_cleanser. Set its position outside the vent.

Note.png Note: If your gas must activate instantenously on map spawn, then make sure you set the Start Active keyvalue to Yes.

Set the info_particle_system's name to home_neurotoxin_pipe_stream.

Example values for info_particle_system with neurotoxin particles


An example of the values to put into your output to start the neurotoxin timer

The neurotoxin timer is started by using the startneurotoxins console command.

Create a point_clientcommand and give it a name, for example client_command.

Add an output to your logic_relay or logic_auto with the target set to your point_clientcommand, the input as Command, and a parameter override of startneurotoxins <seconds> where <seconds> is the number of seconds you want the neurotoxin timer to run for.

To stop the timer, you would invoke the startneurotoxins command again with a really high number such as 99999.

Note.png Note: Remember to turn off the neurotoxin screens at this point to prevent them from counting down again.

Creating the Neurotoxin Countdown Screens

To do: Add information on how to add these screens

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