Portal BTS - Tutorial - Air Ducts

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Portal Level Creation


This page will show you how to create ducts.

Traversable Ducts

These ducts can be seen in Rat Man dens and in escape_01 right before entering the Fan.

The Hole

Create a 64w*64h hole in your wall. Make sure your hole is at least 64 units long and interior face textures to metal/metalduct_bts_001.

The path

The Path

Create your path, areas should be 64w*64h.


The Edges
The Edges (Closer View)

Create 2 16w*64l*16h brushes with the nodraw texture.

Create 2 16w*16l*64h brushes with the nodraw texture.

Use the Clipping Tool to create a 45 degree slope for every brush.



Align the textures. You can have half of the vent texture cut off. You can also set the Texture Scale X value to 0.1875 if necessary.

Edge Texturing

You'll need to align the vent edge textures to the path's textures. Make sure the slopes of the vent edges have the edge of the texture in between the slope and the interior face.



Add Vents as they are a useful light source.

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