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Installing and Launching Tools - Counter-Strike 2

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The Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools are an optional free download included in Counter-Strike 2 and must be installed to create workshop items or addons. Unlike CS:GO Authoring Tools, which requires CS:GO purchased prior to 2018, or requires Prime Status, it is available for all users for free.

Warning.pngWarning:The Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools is currently available only for Windows systems.

Installing the Tools

  • Right click Counter-Strike 2 in your Steam Library, and choose "Properties..." from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the DLC tab and click the "Install" checkbox next to Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools. This will begin the download.

If you don't see the tools under DLC tab, relaunch Steam. There's a pending update that needs to be installed for the DLC to show up.

Launching the Tools

  • To launch the Workshop tools, press the "Play" button in your Steam library (or right-click the game in your library and choose Play).
  • A dialog box should pop up with different launch options, Select "Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools".

Congratulations, you're in the Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools! Any existing addon projects you have on your PC will be displayed here.

Workshop Tools window

Create a New Addon

Now that you're in the tools, it's time to create your first addon, or begin with Level Design.