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comp_entity_finder is a internal point entity available in TeamSpen's Hammer Addons . It is also available in Portal 2: Community EditionPortal 2: Community Edition. It finds the closest entity of a given type, then outputs various values depending on the keyvalues set.


Targetname <targetname>
Fake targetname, used to determine how containing instances are configured.
Target Classname <string>
Classnames of the entity to find. Multiple classnames can be specified seperated by spaces.
Search Radius <float>
Radius to search inside, or 0 for infinite.
Search Field Of View <float>
The found entity must be within this many degrees of the direction of the finder.
Search Direction <angle>
If Search FOV is used, the direction to compare to.
Reference Position <targetname>
If set, look for entities close to this entity instead of the comp_entity_finder.
Search Blacklist <targetname>
If set, ignore entities matching this name.
Teleport Target To Me <choices>
Move the found entity to the location of this entity or that of the reference.
  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes
Make Target Unique <choices>
Append a numeric suffix to the target's name to make it unique.
  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes
(1, 2, 3, 4) - Mode <choices>
The (first, second, third, fourth) modification to perform. For Replace Outputs, outputs sent to a !name specified in Destination will be switched to point to the found entity.
Note.png Note: Additional Keyvalues of these types can be added with SmartEdit off.
  • none: None
  • const2target: Constant -> Target Ent KV
  • const2known: Constant -> Known Ent KV
  • known2target: Known Ent KV -> Target Ent KV
  • target2known: Target Ent KV -> Known Ent KV
  • replacetarget: Replace Outputs
(1, 2, 3, 4) - Known Entity <targetname>
The known entity to access.
(1, 2, 3, 4) - Source <string>
Constant value to use or keyvalue name to read from.
(1, 2, 3, 4) - Destination <string>
Keyvalue name to write to or !special name to replace.


Needed to allow Hammer to add outputs to this.

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