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There are a lot of maps that i like but would like to make small changes to inorder to make them great. So my question is if there is there a way i can edit .bsp files on hammer?

Not the place for questions... Your answer though. --Angry Beaver 13:44, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)

SDK/Hammer Error

Since the update to the SDK that was supposed to or has added the ability to create maps for the orange box games, seems to have removed my ability to create maps for other games. Either that, or the new update causes errors since i don't have the orange box games. Whenever i create a new map in hammer for any of all the supported games i own, it gives me 10 error pop-ups, followed by a crash. I am very bored at the moment because the maps i have are getting old, and i can't make a new map. Please help and/or tell me a fix and/or if a valve developer reads this, PLEASE FIX!!!!!

Thankz a bunch --PortalsApprentice 14:36, 8 Nov 2007 (PST)

Hey there Portals, we are already working hard on getting hammer working, and I got it 99% working myself, though we are still suffering hard from getting compiles working correctly. I recommend reading this article and participating with your bug reports and eventual work arounds. Source SDK SE2 Bugs (And Work Arounds) Sortie 14:44, 8 Nov 2007 (PST)

Problem in Hammer

I do not think that I have done anything to make it this way, but I just installed Source SDK on my new computer, and whenever I try to make a new brush in Hammer, the texture does not show up on the brush. I have tried everything I could think of, but nothing has worked. If anyone can give me some solutions or ideas to try out that would be great. Unsigned comment added by Infamous (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.

Play Half-life 2 and the game you're mapping for before trying to work on levels, it may not have cached everything yet. Solokiller 01:40, 16 Jun 2008 (PDT)

Friend in Truble, SDK launch problem

Since the latest updates (Orangebox games update) of the SDK, one of my friends cant launch the sdk. Nothing happens when he trys to launch it in any way. I have had no truble whit the updates this far. I got the Orange box and can mod all the games, but my friend dose not have the orange box games if that chould be the problem. His Sdk have been working allright modding HL2 befour. Hes in desperat need of help atm. As we cant seem to find whatever is wrong on our own, can someone who knows what to do, tell uss what to do. So we can cure his SDK...


He should try adding "-engine ep1" to the launch options, without the quotes. Solokiller 11:53, 11 Nov 2007 (PST)

We tryed and it worked many thanks´, Solokiller --Siyime

The Latest Updates, HL2 Hammer Editor Problem

After the SDK was updated whit ¨The Orange Box¨ games there has been alot of problems around. They have not afflected me yet, until this morning. I found out i cant mod HL2 anymore, when i have set the ¨Current Game:¨ to Half-Life 2, and refreshed the SDK content i start the Hammer Editor. Then when i try to do anything (realy anything, not even build a brush or even click on the selection tool) it Crashes. But it dose work to make maps for Team Fortress.

Im not very active on any forum or anything like that, so i dont know if there allredy is cure for my problems out there. If you know what to do or know of any site where i kan get an answer, please let me know. --Siyime

Open the launch options of the SDK tool and add "-engine ep1" (without the quotes) to it. It will change the SDK to work with HL2, CS:S, and episode 1, but will not work for the Orange Box. To change ti back, use "-engine orangebox". Solokiller 04:58, 18 Nov 2007 (PST)

water error

hey all. i've only been using hammer for two months now. most problems i encounter while making a map i have been able to use this site to solve ,but there's been one problem that i can't seem to fix:water. everytime i put water in a map it doesn't seem to work when i test it. instead i get an "invisible" ground that doesn't show. however, i still get the sounds and physics (wood floats). can someone help me out?

Make sure there are no leaks in the maps you are making. Also make sure that your water brush is completely nodraw except for the surface of the water; where you put your water texture. A full page on leaks and how to fix them, in case you haven't already seen it, is here: Leak --SmashMaster 13:07, 25 Apr 2008 (PDT)

Extremely weird hammer error

My hammer window is appearing heavily distorted, the panel on the right has just expanded halfway accross the screen, leaving little space for map windows! Please help!

Try Ctrl+A, which ought to reset the widow configuration. You probably held down the mouse button by mistake while moving the cursor across the screen, and dragged one of the resize bars in the process. --TomEdwards 00:10, 24 Apr 2008 (PDT)

trouble running after compiling

Everytime I compile my map without running it it works just fine, but when I try to un the level it says: MountAppFilesystem()failed: SteamMountAppFilesystem(215,35,0x138ffd54)failed with error 21: A different version of this FS is already in use

Please Advise

In you Hammer configuration, under Build Programs, tell it to launch $SteamDir\steam.exe instead of hl2.exe. In the Advanced Run Map dialog, use "-applaunch APPID" as a parameter for the $game_exe build step. APPID would be 215 for Source SDK Ep1, 218 for Orange Box SDK, 220 for HL2, 240 for HL2MP etc.

so I would put command: $game_exe build step

              Parameters: -applaunch APPID 215

I tried that and it didn't work

i put $SteamDir\steam.exe in the game directory

please explain

Garrys mos Hammer

I just set Hammer up for Garrysmod like they told me to on garrysmod.combut when i use that config the mapping screen is blank with a few lines but doesnt move when i try to make a box it still looks the same please help!

hey, i did in a mistake delete my "Smaller/larger Cube box" in the top... the 1 where i change the size of my cubes... i whas looking arround in youtube, between the Torturial vids on my other PC... while my brother whas so smart to delete it all... now i dpnt have the menu, where i make cubes, select, and all that stuff... can you tell me how i get it back? ;P

Probs while using hammer.

when i run hammer, y does it become not responding and i have to wait for abt 2-5min den it will be back to normal. How to make a radio for the recue part.(i've got the radio but then i cant select the ground and put it as "mark BATTLEFILED" I cant even select the ground(reply at [email protected]) or here also can

satic props turning black in game (using hammer)

hey, i've had this annoying problem for a little while now and it's starting to get very annoying. So basically whenever i try to place a static prop and test it in game, they all turn black. I've tried everything to fix it but for some reason nothing works. If you could please help me, it would mean a lot. Thanks