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Hi, I'm Sortie. I've been mapping for 5-6 years, programmed since forever, and very good at both. Currently learning C++ and finally figure out how C-style strings work and how they're usable with C++ string and vice-versa. I just felt like making an account today. --Sortie 01:21, 3 Feb 2007 (PST)

I had some plans to make a series of articles about puzzles here, but I kinda got away from that idea, instead I'm now focusing on the Source SDK SE2 Release and its bugs. Currently I'm making this mod descriped below. Even though I don't want it to have a dedicated website and wiki pages, I'll just write it here for the people who investigate me personally. Honerstly, it doesn't tell much/anything about the mod in general, that's why I like it. xD

Altered Transmission

“I’m glad to announce, the city will not be terminated by our ‘benefactors’. Their gigantic dark energy core wasn’t large enough to blow the citadel structure.”

“Our citadel isn’t the only one undergoing an destructive sequence, in fact, all citadels around the globe is currently lit up. However, the sequence is not powerful enough to wipe out any of the cities.”

“What is it? Really? .. We got our transmitter working, and we are now broadcasting to the whole Western Europe. Well, hey Western Europe, you are listening to City 12 News! Yet again, I’m pleased to be the one to tell you all: The citadels are not going to wipe out any of the cities! Only the very outer regions will be harmed at all, and therefore you must all stay within your respective cities, esspeically downtown.”


Altered Transmission is an intentionally unannounced Single Player mod set within a recreation of a real city, where every outdoor area exists and is professionally recreated from satalite images and real world photoes. It contains features such as voice acting, not made by level designers, telling an unrealistic realistic story.

Oh, and some random guy named cult called a screenshot "Nice!" [Citation Needed].

Its internal demo is being made ready for its unoffical semipublic launch at Dec. 23 2007.