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Category:Inline note templates
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Inline note templates
Template Pages using it
{{Note}} 4861
{{Warning}} 1644
{{Bug}} 1614
{{Tip}} 1003
{{Todo}} 971
{{Confirm}} 302
{{Inline note}} 209
{{Fix}} 147
{{Clarify}} 55
{{Distinguish}} 44
{{Placement Tip}} 33
{{Main}} 27
{{Workaround}} 23
{{Why}} 15
{{Idea}} 13
{{Codenote}} 12
{{Seealso}} 12
{{Altnames}} 10
{{Example}} 10
{{Confusion}} 8
{{How}} 8
{{Important}} 8
{{Deprecated}} 7
{{Notice}} 4
{{Special thanks}} 2

This is a category dedicated to in-article "Note" Templates used to display ancillary information, similar to footnotes.

These templates are used to call attention to a specific type of information, like a bug or a warning. They assist with documentation, wiki editing, and more.

These templates formerly fell under the "Notice templates" category alone, but that category was shared with many other, unrelated types of templates, so many of these note templates became underused, forgotten, or difficult to find. This unique category was created to make them easier to sort through.