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Warning.png Risk of confusion: 


This template is intended for when two or more entities have very similar, or even exactly same names. One such example is Weapon_molotov, some games it can be found in are <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>, <Left 4 Dead> or <Left 4 Dead 2>, yet are not the same entity and act differently.

To start using this template, refer to this example:

{{Confusion|Hey! {{l4d}} with {{l4d2}} looks confusing to me! Don't judge!}}

Shows as this:

Warning.png Risk of confusion:  Hey! <Left 4 Dead> with <Left 4 Dead 2> looks confusing to me! Don't judge!

Simple and self-explanatory, isn't it?
However, remember to never fill the parameter blank like this, or you'll get a surprise..