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An example of a Bumpmap with a Heightmap embedded in the alpha channel
Parallax enabled.
Parallax Disabled.

$parallax is a material shader parameter for the PBR (Strata shader) shader available in Strata Source Strata Source. It enables Parallax mapping on the surface of the PBR material.

Note.pngNote:This parameter is also available in Thexa4's PBR shader.

Parallax Mapping

Main article:  Parallax mapping

Parallax mapping is a shading technique used to give perceived depth to brushes with this applied. In order to have this work correctly, you will need to have a Heightmap embedded in the alpha channel of your Normal map. This can be done with a program like GIMP, and a tutorial on how to do this can be found here


Enables Parallax Mapping on the material. A Heightmap must be present in the alpha channel of the Bumpmap to work properly!
Defines the height of the highest point of the texture. Essentially how close to the face the texture appears. This is necessary to adjust correctly, otherwise the material may appear to stretch unrealistically past the end of the brush. "0.5" is a good starting value.
Defines the lowest point of the texture relative to the height. Essentially the intensity of the heightmap. "0.1" is a good starting value.
Note.pngNote:Using negative values will result in the intensity of your heightmap being inverted.

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