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Example of $pointsamplemagfilter set to 1 and 0.

$pointsamplemagfilter is a material shader parameter available in <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for LightmappedGeneric. It disables texture filtering on a material if the texture resolution is bigger than the space it occupies onscreen, and linearly interpolated (smooth) if its smaller, and will use mipmaps.

This makes it pixelated when near the texture, but smooth when far way, and will not produce moiré patterns when viewed at grazing angles or from distance, compared to just enabling Point Sampling flag in a material's VTF.

Note:Not compatible with blended displacement materials.
Note:A similar effect can be achieved by enabling Point Sampling in a material's VTF file. ( Which does work with blended materials, use this instead! )
Note:Effect only works on $basetexture and will not have the desired effect on the $bumpmap .
Bug: This parameter may not work on older hardware.

Difference side by side, $pointsamplemagfilter (left) is pixelated and looks good in the distance as well

VMT syntax example

$pointsamplemagfilter <bool>