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XBLAH's Modding Tool - Managing Game Libraries

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Note.pngNote:This tutorial was written for XBLAH's Modding Tool XBLAH's Modding Tool v1.18.2. Please be aware that subsequent updates might have introduced alterations in terminologies, introduced novel features, or reorganized certain elements within the interface.
Steam Libraries

The libraries used by the games and mods in the tool are automatically set if you have a legit Steam installation. Keep in mind the libraries set here are only used by the tool, and the games and mods will still use their gameinfo to mount their contents.

Accessing the feature

This can be accessed within the tool via Custom IconTop Menu > Options > Steam Libraries.

Managing the Game Libraries

Add a library

You can add a library manually by clicking on the Add button button, and selecting a directory that contains a SteamApps folder. This is particularly useful when you don't have a proper Steam installation but you still want to create mods. To get the tool working, insert your games inside a SteamApps folder, and then select the parent directory if this SteamApps folder as the library.

Delete a library

You can delete a manual library by selecting the library and clicking the Remove button button.

Browse a library

You can open the library directory by clicking the Browse button button.

Supported Games

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