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About Me and Myself

My name is Tomer, I'm 23.5, lives in Israel.

Been playing HL since mid 1998 (still have the original CD, with a commercial to King's Quest - Mask of Eternity on the back), my first online game was HLDM, and later on I found out about TFC and got hooked up. Got into the Israeli clan scene, and played in a clan named [TD] (RIP) for a long timeAlso played for team Israel in ECTFC (European Championship of Team Fortress Classic) few games.

Been using STEAM since the beta days, and till now (really, i'm still using STEAM!).

My coding expiriance is basiclly a high-school level Pascal, and that's about it. I attemepted to learn some C++, but gave up after a short while as i'm too lazy.

Currently i'm travling the world, I've been travling in the US since mid June 2007, and i'm going down to South America in October 07 for a pretty long time. I haven't really been playing much in the last year except for TrackMania Nations, most of my time infront of the computer I spend on photography forums, facepunch forums and killing spammers in the VDC. When I'll get back home I'll prolly buy the Orange Box or something.

My photography stuff


My Games-1/2/07


Major VDC Contributions

  • Well, here are my small contributions for this site:
  1. Steam Support strings
  2. Color Correction
  3. Testing Valve Games on Intel Macs - Editing only
  4. Steam Media Player
  5. I've also helped testing the Friends Beta, Steam UI and currently testing the Source Engine Beta

Non-VDC Valve logo black.gif related major Contributions

  1. Crashing and lockups solved by specifying refresh rates in launch options - With over 75,000 views!

Favorite sites

  1. Best Coca-Cola commercial EVER
  2. Military photos forums
  3. Fresh's Army forum (in Hebrew)
  4. Sijun art
  5. The Steam Review
  6. Cox&Forkum Editorial Cartoons
  7. My Photo Gallery
  8. D-Spot Photography
  9. Shlomi's Photography group


I award this Barnstar to RP for his work on keeping the VDC spam free —ts2do 16:18, 10 Mar 2006 (PST)