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Tip.png Tip: The pipe trick makes this template redundant. See also: Help:Linking.

This template is a faster way to link to Wikipedia articles. Normally if you want to link to a Wikipedia article such as IMI Desert Eagle, you have to write the entire title twice [[Wikipedia:IMI Desert Eagle|IMI Desert Eagle]] and it's a hassle. This template skips that step when the displayed text will be the same as the title of the article you are linking to.

To link to another language page of Wikipedia, use: {{Wiki|<lang-prefix>:ARTICLE}}, see the example below.

Note.png Note: {{wikipedia}} redirects to {{wiki}}, so they're equivalent.


  • {{{1}}} - The wikipedia article name to link to.
  • {{{2}}} - Optional: The display text for the link.


{{wiki|IMI Desert Eagle}} IMI Desert Eagle
{{wiki|IMI Desert Eagle|Deagle}} Deagle
{{wiki|ru:Гейб Ньювелл|Гейб Ньювелл}} Гейб Ньювелл