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Link to Tfwiki favicon.png Team Fortress Wiki or Tfwiki favicon.png Team Fortress Wiki pages.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
No Parameters Creates a link to the Team Fortress Wiki.
{{{1}}} Full name of the article in the Team Fortress Wiki.
{{{2}}} Alternative name of the link.
{{tfwiki|Merasmus|Bad boy}}
{{tfwiki|Sentry Gun|Sentry}}

See Also

Cross-wiki link templates (edit)
Template Target wiki
{{wiki}} Wikipedia
{{cow}} Combine OverWiki
{{l4dwiki}} Left 4 Dead Wiki
{{pcgw}} PCGamingWiki
{{portalwiki}} Portal Unofficial Wiki
{{sboxwiki}} S&Box wiki
{{tfwiki}} Team Fortress Official Wiki
{{twhl}} The Whole Half-Life wiki
{{quakewiki}} The Quake Wiki (quakewiki.org)
Social media link templates
Template Target
{{twitch}} Twitch
{{twitter}} / {{x}} Twitter / X
{{steam community}} Steam Community
{{discord}} Discord server invite
{{reddit}} Reddit
{{youtube}} YouTube
Storefront link templates
Template Target store
{{steam store}} Steam store
(on web; use {{steam}} for app links)
{{ea app}} EA App
{{epic}} Epic Games Store
{{gplay}} Google Play
{{gog}} GOG.com (formerly Good Old Games)
{{ms store}} Microsoft Store and Xbox Store
Note.pngNote:Open with App links are not supported.
Other link templates
Template Target
{{steam}} Steam application
{{github}} GitHub repository
{{gamebanana}} GameBanana page
{{moddb}} ModDB page
{{protondb}} ProtonDB page
{{steamdb}} SteamDB page