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{{{suf|}}} works just the same as normal game icon templates.
{{Portal2Series|suf=:ru}}Portal Portal 2

{{{p2c|}}} can be set to 1 to have the template also show Portal 2: Community Edition.
{{Portal2Series|p2c=1}}Portal Portal 2 Portal 2: Community Edition

This template can be used in inline note templates, KV templates, and such, just as if the individual icons were being used. Keyvalue templates and such will show it with Portal's text color, but {{In}} and its derivatives will show the generic text color. To do: figure out how to get the inline note templates to fall in line (pun not intended).

{{also:es|{{Portal2Series|suf=:es|p2c=1}}}}(también en Portal Portal 2 Portal 2: Community Edition)

{{KV|Fee|intn=fee|string|Fi, fo, fum.|only={{Portal2Series}}}}

Fee (fee) <string> (only in Portal Portal 2)
Fi, fo, fum.