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A template that generates every keyvalue relevant to nav blockers. Meant for func_nav_blocker and script_nav_blocker.


These must be used in a specific syntax! - ALL parameters must be given a value of 1, like:l4d2=1. Only one game parameter can be used at once.

{{KV NavBlock|l4d2=1}}


If you leave the parameter field empty (using no arguments), the template will automatically fallback to displaying information from ALL games.

All parameters for this template:

  • l4d2- Set template KVs specific to Left 4 Dead 2

Refer to the Examples section for samples.


Show info specific to a game Left 4 Dead 2

This makes information specific to Left 4 Dead 2 be displayed.

{{KV TeamNum|l4d2=1}}

Show information for all games

Shows every game information for this key that this template can display.

{{KV NavBlocker}}

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