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Number of Gibs (m_iGibs) <integer>
Total number of gibs to shoot each time the entity should shoot.
Delay between shots (delay) <string>
Delay (in seconds) between shooting each gib. If 0, all gibs shoot at once.
Gib Angles (Pitch Yaw Roll) (gibangles) <string>
The orientation of the spawned gibs.
Max angular velocity (gibanglevelocity) <string>
How fast (degrees/sec) the gibs should spin. They will spin on the x and y axes between 10% and 100% of this speed.
Gib Velocity (m_flVelocity) <integer>
Speed of the fired gibs.
Course Variance (m_flVariance) <string>
How much variance in the direction gibs are fired.
Gib Life (m_flGibLife) <string>
Time in seconds for gibs to live +/- 5%.
Lighting Origin (lightingorigin) <targetname>
Select an info_lighting to specify a location to sample lighting from for all gibs spawned by this shooter, instead of their own origins.
Physics (Simulation) <choices>
How the gibs will be physically simulated.
Disable Shadows (nogibshadows) <boolean> !FGD
Set to 1 to disable render target shadows on gibs.