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爆炸伤害(ExplodeDamage) <float>
爆炸范围 (ExplodeRadius) <float>
被击打的声音(puntsound) <sound> (New with Half-Life 2: Episode One / Source 2006)
模型破坏行为信息(BreakModelMessage) <string>
Confirm:是否是Source SDK 2013的新功能...? 此功能不存在于Alien SwarmSource 2007的代码里,但在Source 2013里出现了.是L4D的新功能?

Breakable (common):

Performance Mode (PerformanceMode) <choices>
Used to limit the amount of gibs produced when this entity breaks, for performance reasons.
  • 0: Normal
  • 1: No Gibs
  • 2: Full Gibs on All Platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, etc)
  • 3: Reduced gibs
Min Damage to Hurt (minhealthdmg) <integer>
If a single hit to the object doesn't do at least this much damage, the prop won't take any of the damage it attempted to give.
Pressure Delay (PressureDelay) <float>
Seconds to delay breaking from pressure. Allows creaking/groaning sounds to play.
Health (health) <integer>
How close to breaking the object is.
Maximum Health (max_health) <integer>
Health cannot exceed this amount.
Physics Impact Damage Scale (physdamagescale) <float>
Multiplier for damage amount when this entity is hit by a physics object. With a value of 0 the entity will take no damage from physics.
Breakable By (BreakableType) <choices> (New with Left 4 Dead)
<Left 4 Dead><Left 4 Dead 2> only. Who can break this?
  • 0: Everyone
  • 1: All Infected
  • 2: Only Tanks