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Blank image.pngTodo: Port all translations to Template:Software status, before deprecating this template and turning it into a template redirect like Template:Banned spammer does.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:It is now recommended to use {{Software status}} instead. This template will be soon deprecated, the original template will be kept for compatibility with pages that haven't been updated.


Warning.pngWarning:From now on, add translations to {{Software status}} instead. This strings translation page along with templates itself will be soon partially deprecated, turning it into some kind of redirect.

Some used strings are on the regular Game release's strings subpage. Please follow the format to add translations for them.
To edit/translate the ProtonDB and the Steam purchase/free download link, please edit the main template itself instead due to a bug which requires workaround.

Warning.pngWarning:Translation are not 100% accurate, some of those are done via Google Translate, it will need some improvements!
Some other languages may not fully translated.
Some of them can be only found on the /strings subpage.


Syntax: {{game release free|appid=<game appid>}} Optional: Put {{game release free|appid=<game appid>|sys=true|win=true|mac=true|linux=true|note=<insert text here>}} to show all supported systems (Win, Mac, Linux + SteamOS).


Example and preview

  • By default (with nothing on it):
  • Everything marked as true:
  • Everything marked as false:

Deck Verified Status

  • Default/leave blank (Unknown/Untested) and deck=unknown:
  • Verified: (deck=verified)
  • Playable: (deck=hide)
  • Unsupported: (deck=unsupported)
  • Hides the status: (deck=hide)

See also

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  • Template:Game release - For paid games.
  • Template:Game release free - You are currently viewing this page
  • Template:Game demo - For paid games, with a free demo available. Or simply just have a demo-only release available.

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