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This is a template for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2 maps. It delivers the map icon [[File:<mapname>.png]] followed by the given map name which links to a subsection of List of CS:GO Maps. If the icon does not exist, it uses File:No csgo map icon.png instead.


  • {{{1}}} - The map name, e.g. de_mirage.
  • {{{2}}} - The display text of the link. {{{1}}} by default.
  • {{{game}}} - Switch links between CS2 and CS:GO.
  • {{{name}}} - Displays map name (automatically translated) instead of {{{1}}} parameter.


{{csgo map|de_mirage}}de_mirage de_mirage
{{csgo map|de_dust2|Dust II (de_dust2)}}Dust II (de_dust2) Dust II (de_dust2)
{{csgo map|cs_italy}}cs_italy cs_italy
{{csgo map|cs_italy|game=csgo}}cs_italy cs_italy
{{csgo map|lobby_mapveto|name=1}}lobby_mapveto Pick/Ban
{{csgo map|de_fenestration}}de_fenestration de_fenestration
{{csgo map}}No map selected! See Template:Csgo map