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It would be great to see some composers of mod music talk about how they did it, what tools they used, etc.

Other areas of discussion might be legal issues about using music from "other" sources, sources of free or cheap music in the public domain, etc.

One area of interest I would like to discuss is how to implement a dynamic music engine into HL2. I currently am able to incorporate dynamic music segments within the HL2 engine via soundscapes - yet they lack the ability to sync tempo-based segments and thus are only relevent for ambient non-tempo sync'd music.

Anyway, I am currently the audio lead on both Dino Instinct & Nuclear Dreams - we are fast approaching Alpha on Dino Instinct, having just successfully implemented a dedicated server test - the sfx is around 30% towards final alpha (dinosaur sound fx are really challenging things to produce). :o)

I use "legal" versions of Cubase SL3/EWQLSO Gold/Stylus RMX/StormDrum/Sampletank2XL/X-Treme FX.

--Robertprice45 15:13, 23 Feb 2006 (PST)

Hi, I don't know if you still want an answer to your dynamic music engine question. But one very interesting way to create such a thing is to implement a game system that handle the music and synchronizing etc... GameSystems in the source engine are used for almost everything that must run in parallel with the game( almost like a separate thread ), the commentaries, sound systems, and lots of other things are using it. However you'd have to code such a feature.--psycommando 00:31, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

I added a link to a nice open source program that aims to be an alternative of Fruity loops studio. --Psycommando 17:12, 16 Jan 2009 (PST)