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Name: Robert Price

Date of Birth: 26-02-1982

Location: Wales

SteamAccount: [email protected]


I have been involved in sound & music production since 1998, having worked in a variety of roles from sound engineering to management positions. As well as these roles, I have designed sound and music for my own enjoyment and for companies such as Kuju Entertainment, Fallen Angel Records and Resolution Records.



Dino Instinct

Dino Instinct (Lead Sound Designer)

Developer: Team Raptor

Released Date: TBA

Two Teams of dinosaurs going at each other to reach a common objective according to the type of gameplay. There will be five dinosaurs per team, being a carnivore vs. herbivore type situation. You will start out as a base dino for your team and the more experience you earn (from kills and objectives) the better dino you can pick upon death. Once you die though your dino will be reset back to the base dino and you will have to pick again using the experience that has not been spent. After picking your dino, you may also purchase power ups to boost certain abilities of that dino at anytime.